Great Yarmouth Sling shot catapult ride

Great Yarmouth Sling Shot catapult

New to great yarmouth just outside the royal hotel on the seafront a new ride has come to town

Great Yarmouth have a lot to offer for 2017 great yarmouth pleasure beach model village and now along with the sing shot you can walk on one of Europe’s cleanest beaches.  so come along and spend some time & find out what we have to offer.

Project manager at the Greater Yarmouth Tourism BID Karen Young said the ride, which is the first of its kind in Yarmouth, is a bonus to the resort’s offering.

It is expected to open in the next few weeks.

She added: “Anything that adds to the value of someone visiting the resort is always good.

“I was actually on the seafront at the weekend with a friend from Germany who said they didn’t have anything like the Golden Mile back home and thought it was amazing.”

According to planning papers the ride, positioned in between the Marina Centre leisure facility and the Sea Life Centre, will be open from around March to October each year, depending on the school holidays.

The 30-year-old greenhouse building, which housed Amazonia, first opened as a butterfly farm in 1986.

It closed its doors in 2014 and the site was razed to the ground in March last year.

A spokesman for Great Yarmouth Borough Council said at the time it took the decision to demolish the building it owned because it had become obsolete.

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